Looking for Quartz Worktop Suppliers? Note these Important Considerations!

With the rise in popularity of quartz as a worktop material, the number of quartz worktop suppliers has risen manifold. Quartz surfaces are extremely hygienic and easy to clean, making them a popular choice not just for residential spaces but also for commercial establishments such as hotels, hospitals, and offices. Besides the impressive aesthetics, the innate durability of quartz makes it a practical choice for homeowners for both kitchen and bathroom counters. 

Identifying the Best Quartz Worktop Suppliers

Manufacturing, customising, installing, sealing, and maintaining quartz worktops are exclusive areas of expertise. It is very different from handling natural stone countertops like marble or granite. Not all worktop suppliers have the required experience, knowledge, or skills. A quick Google search for ‘quartz worktop suppliers near me’ will yield many relevant suggestions. Knowing how to identify and shortlist the best ones is important for a fruitful collaboration. 

  1. Vast Inventory– The worktop supplier should have a wide inventory of quartz worktops to fulfil all tastes and expectations. Since quartz is an engineered stone, wide choices are all the more applicable. This includes different colours, veining patterns, textures, finishes, tile sizes, thicknesses, sealant types, and so on. The supplier should also have the ability to provide customised unistone quartz worktops that resemble specific marble or granite varieties. The most popular choices include the Unistone Carrara and the Unistone Calacatta, both of which are quartz varieties that resemble their respective marble counterparts.
  2. Competitive Pricing– In the post-Covid-19 economy, most homeowners struggle with global inflation and the impending recession. In this scenario, designing and building one’s dream home becomes challenging. Unlike other add-on décor elements that can be sidelined, worktops are integral for home interiors. Compromising their quality will lead to repairs, replacement, and reinstallation requirements after a couple of years. So when you look online for ‘best worktop installers near me’, make sure you assess their products in terms of value for money. While inferior worktops at dirt-cheap prices should be immediately crossed out, mediocre products with unnecessarily inflated prices should also be cancelled.
  3. Customized Buying Assistance- The best worktop vendor will ensure that every customer is assisted personally. Right from the initial stages of understanding their requirements to familiarising them with the pros and cons of the shortlisted quartz worktops, there has to be full-fledged buying assistance. Many reputed quartz worktop suppliers have dedicated online representatives to initiate conversations, while others assign customer service representatives in person. Homeowners should ideally get all the crucial details online before visiting the store for live sampling.
  4. Expert Installation- While purchasing quartzite worktops online, homeowners should be extremely careful about the vendor’s installation expertise. Before initiating the purchase, they should request a site visit and assess the kitchen or bathroom area where the quartz worktop has to be installed. The acumen required for quartz worktop installation differs from that of marble or granite countertop installation. There have to be sufficient clauses in the contract for compensating any accidental damage during installation. Also, the requirement of support brackets and other accessories has to be specified beforehand. Customers must ensure that the supplier has the necessary licenses and credentials for meticulous worktop installation.
  5. After-Sales Services– Purchasing a worktop, whether online or offline, can never be restricted to a one-transaction affair. There are multiple after-sales considerations, such as warranty, insurance, resealing, repairs, and other maintenance-related services. Homeowners must ensure that these clauses are mentioned in the purchase agreement. Also, the vendor should provide dedicated customer support services for those who face any glitches after purchase.
  6. Quartz versus Quartzite– Many customers need clarification on Quartz and Quartzite while purchasing worktops online. The former is an engineered and highly customisable surface. The latter is a quarried natural stone, just like marble and granite. While quartzite has the mesmerising qualities of a natural stone, it is expensive, prone to natural faults, and provides only a certain range of colour-veining choices. Quartz is a far more practical choice for limited budgets, with its wide-ranging choices, ample customisation, and durability. Also, quartz imitating natural stones is often so accurate that only an expert eye can distinguish between the former and the latter.


For those who are affixed to a particular colour, pattern, or variety of marble but cannot afford the same, quartz is a budget-friendly option. Marble-effect unistone quartz is gaining massive popularity, and the number of vendors selling it online has rapidly increased. In this scenario, it is all the more necessary for prospective buyers to be extremely cautious about their purchases. From comparing costs to reading online reviews, assessing ratings on multiple forums, and asking for genuine portfolios and testimonials, homeowners should conduct all possible research to identify and collaborate with the best supplier.

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