How has Erling Haaland Become One of the World’s Most Renowned Player?


Erling Haaland is a Norwegian professional football player who has quickly become one of the world’s most renowned players. He has been compared to some of the greatest players of all time, including Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and he has been touted as a future Ballon d’Or winner. In this article, we will look at how Haaland has risen to the top and become one of the best players in the world.

Early Career:

Haaland began his career in Norway, playing for his local club, Bryne FK, at a young age. He quickly caught the attention of scouts from bigger clubs, and in 2015 he signed with FK Molde, one of the top teams in the Norwegian Tippeligaen. During his time at Molde, Haaland established himself as a dominant force, scoring 29 goals in just 38 appearances and helping the team win the league title.

Move to Red Bull Salzburg:

Haaland’s impressive performances did not go unnoticed, and in 2018 he signed with RB Salzburg, a club in Austria known for its youth development program. At Salzburg, Haaland continued to thrive, scoring 28 goals in just 22 appearances and helping the team win the league title.

Borussia Dortmund:

Haaland’s impressive performances caught the attention of scouts from some of the biggest clubs in Europe, and in January of 2020, he signed with Borussia Dortmund, one of the top teams in the German Bundesliga. At Dortmund, Haaland has continued to shine, scoring an incredible 44 goals in just 47 appearances.

Haaland’s Success Factors:

Haaland’s success can be attributed to a number of factors, including:

Work Ethic and Drive to Improve:

Haaland has a remarkable work ethic and is always looking to improve. He is known for his incredible fitness levels, and he is always working on his technique, movement, and finishing ability. He has a remarkable drive and determination to succeed, and he is a fierce competitor who is always looking to take his game to the next level.

Sense of Timing and Positioning:

Haaland has a remarkable sense of timing and positioning in front of goal. He knows how to get into the right place at the right time, and he has a clinical finishing ability that sets him apart from other players.

Family Background:

Haaland’s success has also been influenced by his upbringing and his family background. His father, Alf-Inge Haaland, was a professional footballer and played for clubs such as Nottingham Forest and Leeds United. Erling grew up around football, and he has always had a passion for the game. His family has been a huge source of support for him, and they have encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

Future Prospects:

Haaland’s success has not gone unnoticed, and he is widely regarded as one of the most exciting young talents in the game. He has been linked with some of the biggest clubs in Europe, including Manchester United, Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Barcelona. Wherever he ends up, it is clear that Erling Haaland has a bright future ahead of him, and he is sure to continue to make headlines in the years to come.


In conclusion, Erling Haaland rise to the top has been nothing short of remarkable. He has become one of the most renowned players in the world, known for his incredible speed, strength, and finishing ability. With his remarkable work ethic, drive, and determination to succeed, Haaland is sure to continue to make a huge impact in the world of football.

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